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 My Feedback

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PostSubject: My Feedback   Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:53 am

Hope this helps you guys:

First of all, the interface of the website isn't very nice. Should be something more eye-catching, I think.
It appears not to work on google chrome.
In firefox, the game part exceed the website's template area, instead of the template arranging itself to fit the game. While in chrome, the game area is clipped (so maybe it does work in chrome, but since it's clipped, you can't click nor see the "play" button).

Alright, now, for the actual game:
First impression is: very weird interface. Why is it yellow on black? Those are very clashing colors!
The character art is ok...
The amount of different poses is good.
But, back to the interface and usability... it's insane. I have no idea what's going on. There's a bunch of "HMales" all over the place and I don't know why. Wouldn't it be SO much more intuitive to have a "Add new character" button, which then would open a pop up menu where you could configure: sex, race, pose, clothes etc? Then you'd get rid of all these horrible yellow letters that are all over the place.
Same would o for everthing "add object" add background" and so on.
Also, the eye icon? Not very identifyable (is that even a word lol) you should make an actual eye icon and then a eye with a red cross on it for not-visible.
Another usability issue: a user normal expects to click "out" of the frame and have all the arrows disapear. To only appear again when hoverin an object.
Backgrounds look really nice.
Some speeches and frames appear behind background.
And now, the gloden question: how in the name of god do you save/export a comic strip you've done?
As for the idea, I think it's very good and could help/entertain loads of people. But I think the interface needs a wiiiiiiiiiild re-done.

Good luck with this project Smile
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PostSubject: Thanks   Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:46 pm

Thank you for your feedback Aaraujo. The interface is a work in progress.The interface will get better each update so I'm focusing on creating content and making a better interface. Your ideas are very good and I really like the arrows disappear when you click away idea . There is no way to export an image out of flash so users have to image capture there comic page. Saving is something that I plan to add so users can leave and come back to there comic page. Thank you for your comments there much appreciated.
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My Feedback
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