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 Comic Hand Feedback

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PostSubject: Comic Hand Feedback   Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:47 pm

I think Comic Hand is pretty neat.

I notice that it gets messy when about 5 or more characters/scenes are in the same area, because of all the arrows.

Some arrows don't disappear when you click the "Hide All" button, as shown in my comic, "Agent vs Tiger".

From looking at the other comic images, I find that I was unable to find particular images like the
human pose in luvah's "Attack of the Dragon" comic.

Sometimes I find myself rebuilding the character over again when I accidentally hit the wrong eyeball, or if I accidentally click outside of the current character/object I'm working on because they were overlapping. I have this assumption that the eyeball belongs to the interface set on the right.

Overall, it was fun to use, but the surplus of buttons make it confusing.

Some suggestions:

-Simplify the interface in some way so there's less buttons to look at. (I think this was mentioned already)

-Make the "Hide All" button visible when hiding all the other buttons. (I could only assume that the button was in the same place when clicking back)
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PostSubject: Re: Comic Hand Feedback   Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:46 pm

Hi welcome to the forums. We will be making the interface more simple and fixing those arrows. Thanks for your feedback.
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Comic Hand Feedback
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